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Elegant interiors are a product of expertise, experience, and imagination. At SHF, we provide a start-to-finish luxury service for the most discerning homeowner.
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We'll determine the best approach given what you want, identify and limitations, and make recommendations based on our successes in the past. We'll follow up our initial consultation with an in person walkthrough.

Area Preparation

We'll ready the immediate area by removing and or wrapping furniture, covering walls and art and dropping construction mattes to protect your floor.

Surface Preparation

Before applying paint, we'll ensure the surface is smooth and pristine. We'll mend minor holes and strip away any chipped or peeling paint to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.

Paint Application

After prep is completed we'll apply the colors you've selected. We use only the best premium paints to match your vision and exceed expectations.

Clean up

After an initial inspection with you and one of our project managers we'll remove the protective coverings from your home and make it spotless.

Final Walkthrough

Final walk throughs are an opportunity to make sure that the color and execution meet and exceed expectations and that the cleanup phase was executed perfectly.
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We love our clients, and our clients love SHF. Our attention to detail, professionalism, and skillset set us apart.

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Each project is unique and exciting for us at SHF. Browse some of our favorites here, or reach out for more examples.

Across 4 States

Our team travels across states. We've done extensive work in Connecticut, Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

Fabricio Rinelli

CEO + Founder



CEO + Founder

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Jeff Araujo

Wallpaper Lead



Wallpaper Lead

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Andrew Araujo

Project Manager



Project Manager

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